Pauline Mitchell

I'm looking for contacts in ad-tech - ideally mobile. Targets: - Vungle - Applovin - Ironsource I'm seeking a data engineering role
I used to work at Vungle - know tons of people. Will DM you!
Does anyone have any best practices for the best way to look for/apply for remote-friendly jobs outside of the geographic area where they are living?
HeyΒ Pauline Mitchell, here's a few things you could try:

- update your header to (open to remote!) on LinkedIn.
- If you are searching job boards or career sites, use this in your search string: (remote OR telecommute OR "work from home")
- Check out some remote job boards: remoteok.ioΒ is a good one.
Pauline MitchellΒ  Also, you can research company employee distribution on LinkedIn. Do a search people with the same or similar basic job title. Then, click "all filters" at the top of the screen. Filter by an employer that interests you, run the search again and then look at the location filters available and/or scroll through the results lists looking for the locations of the profiles that are returned,
Hey everyone, I'm Pauline - I was unfortunately part of Uber layoffs a while back. I'm a data engineer, looking for a new role ideally remote. Nice to meet you all!
Welcome, glad to have you here Pauline!