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Lucy Mc Kenna

Coach, learning designer & facilitator
Life design, learning, innovation, and building a healthier & happier world. If you want to engage me in animated conversation, this is where to start! Happy to help in any way during this crazy time - just reach out
Hi All,

I am Lucy, and I am many things.  My main roles right now are, wrangler of a 1 year old and program manager of a training initiative called "how to correctly load the dishwasher", there is one student and they are somewhat reluctant to learn! I am also a coach, facilitator and learning designer.  I hope to be a valuable Ambassador to this great community.

My experience has spanned Learning & Development, Product Development, Project Management, Marketing, and Account Management.  In 2015 I set my own company, Full Aeon Ltd,  with the overarching goal to create happier people, teams & societies.  As part of this journey I have had the opportunity to work with start-ups, Education and the TV & Film industry.

I am fascinated about "the future of work" as a topic, exploring how we need to rethink what work is.

I will be running a Life Design workshop, for Silver Lining member's.  Registration to this will be in the "events & webinars" section.  If there is demand for the first workshop, we will run some more.  

I am looking forward to being part of this community and getting to know some of you a little bit more.