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Liz Mongrello

People Ops | Workplace Experience | Facilities Operations
Howdy! I'm a people ops and workplace experience professional, looking for my next great adventure. I also sing in a semi-pro group, love to read and run, and have enjoyed baking and cooking my way through quarantine.
Hey Team -

My current role at in RI is opening up as I move to a new project.

Check out the job description, and let me know if you're interested! Happy to chat with you - or you can just apply here!
Hey Y'all, 

Thankful for this community as I look ahead to my next adventure in people ops/workplace experience.

Outside work, I sing with an a cappella group in Boston, am back to running now with nicer weather, and am enjoying baking new treats way more than I'm running them off. 

Excited to connect, and thankful for all our ambassadors and growth/networking opportunities available here.
Liz, so glad to have you as part of the community! I too have a background in People Ops and love to hear more about the type of work you enjoy. What was your favorite project you worked on in your last job? 

And mmm, you are making me hungry! What has been your favorite treat you have enjoyed baking during this time?