Sr. Tech Recruiter, freelance writer
I have been a tech recruiter in Seattle for over a decade at companies like Microsoft, Zulily, HP, RealNetworks and agencies such as Volt, Covestic, and TalentReach.
Hi All, long time Seattle recruiter here, also a resume consultant, former writer for the Seattle Times, current contributor to UW Continuing Education, frequent panel speaker. There is a huge amount of misinformation out in the world today by "resume experts" and career coaches that have never been in recruiting or HR. I wrote an article this week that tells you what resume information you want to concentrate on, the history behind it, and why.
Hi All, I am a tech recruiter at a boutique agency. We work mostly with mid-late stage startups (although we do have a few more established companies.) Most of our roles are technical in nature, you can see them on my LI profile below. We also have a partnership for healthcare roles in OR and WA for per diem shifts. Our company is TalentReach. I also volunteer for the FB group Free Resume Review, which is open to anyone that would like a review of their resume.Β
We have a client looking for a full stack SDE with a CS degree, 3+ years experience using React.js. (internships/projects OK). This is a very technical role.Β 
  • Β Front/back end development, familiarity with Java/Python, Wordpress and other content management tools.Β 
  • The IV process includes a tech screen, project that will be the basis of code reviews/interview with devs and UX (video during quarantine).Β 
This position will be onsite after the state is completely opened up in the Bellevue, WA area. Unfortunately they are unable to offer any immigration support now or in the future.Β