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Thanks for sharing Chris and for setting up this site!!  Truly appreciated.

Can you confirm your target audience?  Happy to start referring others to join.
Susan Graye Happy to create something so helpful!

We are focused on creating a helpful community for tech employees that have been laid off above all else - is this what you mean? Thanks!
Chris....thanks......all types of jobs and levels?  OR could someone be in tech for a company and align with your vision.

AND truly appreciate your responsiveness.
Of course! Yes - any job type and level from a company that you would normally label as tech (we have VC partners, so a way you could look at it is if a company has taken VC dollars, or is enterprise tech such as HP 😀). We're really trying to create a supportive community to show that anyone that is in this position is not alone and there is a way through it.

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