Hey Team -

My current role at Squadlocker.com in RI is opening up as I move to a new project.

Check out the job description, and let me know if you're interested! Happy to chat with you - or you can just apply here!
Policygenius is hiring for a VP of People.

Location: New York, NY
Apply URL / More Info: https://www.policygenius.com/careers/job/?gh_jid=2059843
Susan Graye Happy to create something so helpful!

We are focused on creating a helpful community for tech employees that have been laid off above all else - is this what you mean? Thanks!
Chris....thanks......all types of jobs and levels?  OR could someone be in tech for a company and align with your vision.

AND truly appreciate your responsiveness.
Of course! Yes - any job type and level from a company that you would normally label as tech (we have VC partners, so a way you could look at it is if a company has taken VC dollars, or is enterprise tech such as HP 😀). We're really trying to create a supportive community to show that anyone that is in this position is not alone and there is a way through it.
The Resources for Humans job board is the best place to find employment opportunities in People Operations.